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NSTT is a leading provider of communication Mobile Broadband services to the maritime community,

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NSTT is a leading provider of communication Mobile Broadband services to the maritime community, supplying planning, design, engineering, construction and materials relating to new building and refurbishment of cruise ships, work boats, fishing vessels, ferries, fast ferries, offshore projects of all types, dining yachts and gaming vessels in the United States and abroad.

NSTT’s at sea series of satellite antennas, Sea Tel, provides the next generation in high speed, business-class, two-way communications for commercial ocean going and recreational vessels alike.

The Sea Tel 4003 Broadband Maritime Communications System (BMCS) provides business-class connectivity for at-sea communication requirements.Typically internet speeds vary, however the Sea Tel Broadband-at-Sea service provides connectivity at 512 kbps inbound (satellite-to-ship) and 128 kbps outbound (ship-to-satellite) speeds. And if this isn’t enough bandwidth, this can be upgraded to 1.5mbps inbound and 256 kbps outbound. Only Sea Tel offers you this level of performance in such a compact size and price range.

At just one meter, the Antenna is stabilized to withstand tough marine conditions and the ship’s turning and motion. And though compact in size, the Sea Tel Antenna provides two way data and internet services worldwide.

Private corporate networks and recreational sailors alike will have constant access with the fastest connections available at sea for internet, data transfer and safety communications needs.

NSTT will enable businesses to transfer files and images, video conference, e-mail,back up databases,VoIP, VPN and this is just the beginning. New applications are uncovered every day.

Yonder Mobile Broadband Service uses commercial Ku-band satellites to send and receive data from your Ship. On-board equipment includes a WiFi-enabled wireless LAN that connects your WiFi-equipped laptop or other device to the ViaSat ArcLight Network. A small on-board transceiver/ router and externally-mounted, compact antenna provide your dual-direction communication link with the satellite. And the network of ViaSat/KVH ground stations completes your connection to the Internet, delivering continuous service and 24/7 monitoring that never leaves you solo.

NSTT’s services are extensively used in cruise and offshore oil and gas industries. The VSAT service maximizes shore-to-ship bandwidth utilization, with download speeds up to 2mbps.

The IP-based network offers robust flexibility, increased data throughput, improved service quality and greater potential for growth.

By using non-proprietary components and an IP-based network, the current infrastructure of the network is engineered to be compatible with future technological advances.

The maritime VSAT services are available using Ku-band or C-band capabilities.

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