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iDirect based services are targeted at professional users who need a highly performing satellite solution for the corporate network and Internet access needs.iDirect enables highly efficient satellite communications based on TDM/TDMA technologies. Bandwidth efficiencies are both at the satellite communications and IP communications level.

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The maximum data rate and the contention ratio specify largely the performance of the service. Service packages include IP-Share Team, Division and Corporate. While standard services grades enable fast Internet access and always-on functionality, the higher end IP-Share Service packages support Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications. IP-Share allows companies to connect single or several remote sites with headquarters. It is also the ideal for Cyber Caf├ęs which want to increase their stream of revenues by adding VoIP services to their Internet Access offer.

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Quality Of Service (QOS)

both at the hub station and at the remote site, provides bandwidth to mission-critical applications, thus allowing to size the network appropriately to the users needs. The 2way2sat services are designed to meet the actual requirements rather than “Throwing bandwidth at the problem”. One application where the iDirect inherent QoS is particularly evident is Voice-over-IP (VoIP).

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  • IS901 on Ku-Band
  • IS15 on Ku-Band
  • NSS6 on Ku-Band
  • NSS10 on C-Band
  • T11N on Ku-Band
  • Yahsat-1A
  • Africasat-1A
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