Airborne Solution

Our Airborne Solution uses commercial Ku-band satellites to send and receive data from your aircraft.


On-board equipment includes a WiFi-enabled wireless LAN that connects your WiFi-equipped laptop or other device to the ViaSat ArcLight Network. A small on-board transceiver/ router and externally-mounted, compact antenna provide your dual-direction communication link with the satellite. And the network of ViaSat/KVH ground stations completes your connection to the Internet, delivering continuous service and 24/7 monitoring that never leaves you flying solo.



Using ground-breaking, super-efficient ViaSat ArcLight® technology and operating over Ku-band satellites, delivers superior bandwidth and capabilities. Compared to L-band technology – the basis for competing services – We provides you access to a far wider range of services. And our ArcLight proprietary coding architecture, further enhances the inherent advantages of our Ku-band technology, making more efficient use of available satellite bandwidth and ensuring faster, more responsive access. So, you get high-quality, reliable, uninterrupted connectivity, plus lower system and service costs.

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