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Fastest Satellite Services

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About Us

NSTT ( Network Satellite Technology Trading ) is one of the very few companies that provide World-class Communication Networking Satellite-Related Services, Internet AccessSolutions and Satellite Media Broadcasting.That is why we are the preferred Communication Networking Technology Service Provider in the world.

Our Success is largely due to the following:

  • We have our own International Team of experienced high caliber Engineers and Technicians.
  • We are exclusive Partners for state-of-the-art Communications and IT Platform Vendors from various top-notch firms around the world. We own and operate our own hubs strategically located at teleports around the world in order to cover the regions of business.
  • We offer a wide range of corporate services that can accommodate all customers no matter how big or small their Business requirements are.
  • Our current customer portfolio includes but is not limited to, large Corporations, Educational Institutes, Hotels, residential compounds and end users.
  • We have been in this business since 1990, and now we cover Middle East , the GCC, Africa & Europe by utilizing various Satellite foot prints.

 What we Offer

NSTT offers services directed towards all types of Internet users from end-users to ISP’s and Telco’s throughout the various coverage areas of the Satellites we use. Current Services include SCPC links,Carrier Services and DVB Services over various satellites. Our goal is to provide fully managed IP services to our customers and the most robust, reliable and fully comprehensive managed Internet backbone service at the same time. These services and their value far exceed that of our competitors.

Our plan is to bring highly reliable and robust services from USA and Europe to the Middle East, GCC and North Africa in one step. With the growth of the Internet and other value-added services Satellite communications become the ideal delivery platform.

NSTT provides the satellite capacity, terrestrial services and remote station management. This makes us a full end-to-end network service provider for many broadband applications, delivering services to almost any industry.

NSTT is an associate member of the Global VSAT Forum. The Global VSAT Forum is an association of key companies involved in the business of delivering advanced digital fixed Satellite systems and services to consumers, and commercial and government enterprises worldwide.

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